What if I can't go back to my old job or the type of work I used to be able to do?

If your attending physician determines that as a result of your on-the-job injuries you are unable to return to any type of work you have done in the past, you may be entitled to receive vocational retraining and ongoing time loss compensation. A vocational counselor will meet with you, obtain a complete work history, and then submit written job analyses to your attending physician. Those job analyses can include your job at the time of your injury, some lighter duty work you performed in the past, or some modified job that you have the skills to perform. If your attending physician signs one of these jobs analyses releasing you to perform that type of work, you will be found able to work by the Department and your time loss compensation will stop. If, however, your physician says that you cannot return to your regular work or any work you have performed in the past and the vocational counselor determines that you do not have skills to perform other work without training, you can receive retraining.