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Seattle Denied Benefits Lawyers

Workers' compensation benefits are intended to reimburse the losses stemming from a work-related injury or occupational disease. People who are unable to work rely on these benefits to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, in many cases, these hardworking people are denied the benefits they need and deserve by the Department of Labor & Industries or self-insured employers.

At The Walthew Law Firm, our dedicated attorneys will advocate on behalf of our clients who have been unfairly denied the maximum amount of workers' compensation benefits available.

We will aggressively pursue an appeal of the decision to deny benefits. Contact our Seattle denied benefits attorneys at 206-812-2997 or toll free at 888-534-5255.

Bellevue, Washington, Denied Appeals Attorneys

The process for appealing denied workers' compensation claims is very complex. Our workers' compensation lawyers have extensive experience seeking allowance of a claim through reconsideration or appeal.

A denial of workers' compensation benefits becomes final within 60 days of communication of the decision. It is important that you speak with our attorneys immediately upon receiving a denial. After reviewing your file and determining the most beneficial route to successfully overturning the denial of benefits, we will file a formal written protest with the Department of Labor & Industries, and if necessary, a written appeal with the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals.

In many cases, a formal appeal is not necessary as a higher level of protest to the Department of Labor & Industries can result in payment of benefits. If unsuccessful, however, our proactive and efficient lawyers will guide you smoothly through the appeals process, which may include:

  • Mediation
  • Hearing before an industrial appeals judge, who will issue a proposed decision and order
  • Petition for review from a full board, which will issue a final decision and order or an order denying the petition for review
  • Appeal to a superior court in Washington State

The entire appeals process may extend for more than a year. It is critical to your successful appeal of a denied benefits claim that you are represented by an efficient, proactive attorney with a record of success.

Our lawyers can also assist when you have been receiving workers' compensation benefits, and the payments stop.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Bellevue denied appeals lawyers, please contact us.

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At The Walthew Law Firm, our attorneys are dedicated to clients who suffered injuries and those who are being denied the Workers' Compensation benefits they deserve.

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