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Washington Work Related Hip Injury Attorney

Handling Industrial Injury & Occupational Disease Claims

Injuries to the hip or knee can affect your ability to perform the most basic functions of your job, resulting in a negative impact on your ability to make a living. Daily duties may become challenging or impossible to handle. Your health is at stake. Let an attorney at The Walthew Law Firm advocate for you when the Department of Labor & Industries or self-insured employer denies you the time loss benefits or the medical care you need.

A Workers' Compensation claim that involves hip and knee injuries requires more effort than filling out a form and collecting a check. You need an experienced attorney to maximize your benefits. For immediate help, contact our Seattle-based office at 206-812-2997 or toll free at 888-534-5255.

Injury or Occupational Disease

Hip and knee injuries can occur from repetitive trauma, such as extensive kneeling or crawling at work, or repetitive and extensive pushing, pulling or heavy lifting. A specific event at work may have resulted in you suffering a serious meniscal or ACL tear. You need an experienced Workers' Compensation attorney who employs different strategies to prove either type of claim.

Over Seventy Years of Dedicated Advocacy

The physical pain combines with fear and stress. You wonder what the future holds and how you will make an income if you have to undergo a total knee or total hip replacement. At The Walthew Law Firm, we are in our eighth decade of helping Western Washington residents get through difficult and uncertain times. Few firms can match our level of experience and track record of maximizing compensation on behalf of our clients.

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At The Walthew Law Firm, our attorneys are dedicated to clients who suffered injuries and those who are being denied the Workers' Compensation benefits they deserve.

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