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In some cases, work-related injuries cause our clients to become permanently partially disabled, entitling them to a monetary award when their claim is closed.

The attorneys at The Walthew Law Firm understand the importance of properly recognizing all medical conditions arising from an injury or disease. Accepted medical conditions can result in a permanent partial disability award. Injured workers should receive the maximum compensation available under workers' compensation laws. We have substantial experience and a successful track record of obtaining fair benefits awards for our clients.

Our attorneys will build a strong claim for benefits based on the facts of your case. Contact our Seattle permanent partial disability attorneys at 206-812-2997 or toll free at 888-534-5255.

Bellevue, Washington, Disability Attorneys

When you have returned to work following an industrial injury and there is no further treatment, a doctor assesses permanent disability (loss of bodily function). Your claim will be ready for closure. Your attending physician can rate your disability. The Department of Labor & Industries or self-insured employer can also schedule a defense medical examination, commonly called an "independent" medical examination or IME. These one-time examining doctors can determine whether or not an injured worker receives a permanent partial disability award for their injuries.

Workers' compensation benefits received for permanent partial disability (PPD) are set by law. Loss of function and such things as muscle wasting, permanent nerve damage, or X-ray or MRI findings determine the amount of PPD paid. If there is reason to believe the doctor did not correctly rate work impairment, the award can be appealed with the help of a skilled workers' compensation lawyer.

Do not give up on getting the full amount of benefits you deserve simply because you need money now. Unlike a third-party claim, cashing the PPD check does not prevent appeal of the closing order. It is important, however, that you begin working with an attorney immediately, to prepare the timely protest or appeal (60 days) of the closing order.

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