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A Social Security Disability Denial is Not
the End of the Road

If you are no longer able to work due to an illness, disability, or medical condition, you may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal program that is funded through your payroll taxes. Every time you have collected a paycheck throughout your life, you paid into this system. If you are eligible for benefits, you deserve to collect without an undue delay. In reality, recovering Social Security disability compensation can often be a long and challenging process.

At The Walthew Law Firm, our Bellevue Social Security disability attorneys are proud to be aggressive advocates for disabled Washington workers. We help applicants appeal SSD claims that were wrongly denied by the government. If your Social Security disability claim was denied in King County, you need to take immediate action. Please contact our law firm today for a free initial consultation.

Professional Support Through a Complicated Claims Process

The Social Security disability claims process is notoriously complex. It can often be a long road to recover benefits. There are tight deadlines, confusing forms, and complex terminology, and perhaps most frustrating of all, applicants must often wait significant periods of time for a response.

Sadly, many people get discouraged during the claims process, and they simply give up without pursuing all of the options that are available to them. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to get an experienced Bellevue Social Security disability attorney by your side as soon as possible after a rejection. Do not give up if your claim is denied: Contact The Walthew Law Firm immediately.

The Majority of Initial Social Security Disability Claims are Denied

The Social Security Administration (SSA) publishes comprehensive data that shows just how difficult it is for applicants to recover their disability benefits. According to the SSA, only 23 percent of applicants were awarded benefits after their initial claim between 2006 and 2015. Yet, the SSA data shows that more than 34 percent of disability applicants were eventually granted benefits by the end of the claims process. To put this into perspective, this means that approximately one-third of the people who are currently receiving disability benefits had to file an appeal to get those benefits.

This is particularly striking because there are undoubtedly many disabled workers in the state of Washington and throughout the country who were legally eligible for benefits, yet who were never able to obtain them because they either gave up on their claim too early or failed to seek professional help during the claims process.

Understanding the Appeals Process

If your Social Security disability claim was denied, you need to be ready to submit a strong appeal. This is the point in your case where it is imperative that you seek professional guidance. When we take on your case, our Bellevue Social Security disability attorneys will carefully assemble your medical records so that you can present the most compelling possible appeal. There are four different stages within the Social Security disability appeals process. Your application for benefits may be approved during any of the following:

  • Reconsideration: To start, the SSA will take a fresh look at your claim. You must submit your written request for reconsideration within 60 days of receiving your denial letter. The representative who reviews your application during reconsideration will be an SSA official who had no input on the initial decision.
  • Hearing: If reconsideration is not successful, then you will receive a hearing before a judge. You may bring witnesses and additional medical evidence to this hearing. It is strongly recommended that you be represented by a Bellevue Social Security disability attorney during your hearing. 
  • Appeals Council: If the judge’s decision is unfavorable, you are entitled to have your case reviewed by the Appeals Council.
  • Federal Court: Finally, if you have exhausted all of your other available remedies, you have the right to take your Social Security disability denial to federal court.

Get Help With Your Social Security Disability Claim in Bellevue

At The Walthew Law Firm, our Social Security disability attorneys in Bellevue are committed to helping to recover the full benefits you deserve. Whether you are preparing your initial application or getting ready to file an appeal, we are here to help. To schedule your free, no obligation Social Security disability consultation, please contact our law firm today.

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