What is a Third-Party Claim?

By | Workers Comp

Living with an injury is often the most difficult thing to do. An appropriate third party claim, along with your workers’ compensation benefits, can go a long way to making this difficult part of your life less burdensome. Workers’ comp provides you with benefits that can keep you going until…

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Workers’ Compensation Under Attack Again!

By | Misc., Workers Comp

What can you do?  Call and write to your state Senators and Legislators, as well as Governor Inslee and let them know that you strongly oppose the proposed changes to our workers’ compensation laws. To find the name and contact information of your representatives, you can call 1-800-562-6000 or go online to and…

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Why vote in November?

By | Workers Comp

Two years ago Washington State citizens voted against privatizing our workers’ compensation system.  Sixty percent of us voted against allowing insurance companies to profit from workers’ compensation.  Candidate Rob McKenna plans to ignore the people of Washington State if he is elected. Mr. McKenna believes Washington State is one of…

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