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When Repetition or an Event Results in Work-related Shoulder Injuries

Occupations that involve physical labor and repetitive activities increase the risk of shoulder injuries. Repetitive lifting, twisting, turning and other supposedly harmless acts can add up over time and cause serious shoulder damage. An accident at work or repetitive trauma can disable a once-healthy worker, forcing him to deal with the effects of a shoulder injury.

You need a firm that provides a higher level of advocacy, with dedicated, well-respected and experienced attorneys. For over 90 years, residents of Western Washington have relied on The Walthew Law Firm to handle their workers’ compensation claims.

Do not assume that a workers’ compensation benefits claim is something you can handle on your own. Claims managers can willingly or unwittingly try to minimize the extent of your shoulder injury and the amount of money they are willing to pay. To even the odds against you, contact us at 206-203-9246.

The Challenges You Face

Thoracic outlet damage or tears to the rotator cuff or biceps tendon can put you out of work. They can also cause permanent physical limitations making it difficult for you to perform your job. Suffering brachial plexus injury or undergoing shoulder replacement surgery can prevent you from working in the future. Far too much is at stake. More often than not, the Department of Labor & Industries and self-insured employers are not on your side and not looking out for your best interests.

An Advocate Focused on Your Best Interests

We are now in our eighth decade helping hardworking people get the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve. Whether your shoulder injury temporarily sidelines you or ends your career, we know what to do. We communicate with doctors and claims managers to push for your benefits. Make sure you obtain the maximum compensation based on the extent of your injuries and your work limitations from your injury or occupational disease. Contact us for a free consultation.

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