What is the Vocational Process?

By | Vocation

In Washington State, all employers are mandated to have workers’ compensation insurance that provides medical coverage and wage replacement benefits to help injured workers recover and return to their job. Also, in the unfortunate event that an injured worker sustained injuries that are so severe that they are not able…

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What Type of Benefits are Available in WC Claims?

By | Claim Resolution

Were you hurt on the job in Washington? You are not alone. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Western Information Office reports that there were 78,200 nonfatal work-related injuries and illnesses reported in Washington in 2020 alone. Every employee in Washington—including part-time—is entitled to workers’ compensation insurance coverage. You can…

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Disability Benefits – PPD / TTD

By | Workers Comp

Following a serious work-related injury, you will need financial compensation to support yourself and your family. If you were forced to miss any time on the job and/or your doctors feel you have permanent impairment because of your work-related injury, you have the right to seek disability benefits including: Temporary…

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Cost of Living Adjustment 2022

By | Media & News, Workers Comp

Inflation, economic indicators, and other factors affect the cost of living in Washington State. These factors also impact workers’ compensation benefits. Time loss and pension benefits are intended to provide financial support for injured workers. Rising prices reduce the value of your benefits. To help alleviate this problem, the Washington…

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