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When Careless Behavior Changes Your Life

It only takes one irresponsible or negligent act to dramatically change another person's life. For example, the actions of an inattentive driver or careless construction contractor can have tragic consequences. Chronic pain can become an inescapable reality. If you were injured as the direct result of third-party negligence, hire a strong and proactive lawyer to protect your rights and maximize the compensation to which you are entitled under the law.

The Seattle personal injury attorneys at The Walthew Law Firm have a proven and consistent record of success. For more than 80 years, we have helped the residents of Western Washington face the physical and emotional challenges that result from an accident or injury caused by another party. We are guided by the client's best interests in every personal case, whether it is settled or litigated.

Our attorneys and paralegals take a detail-oriented and team-focused approach to all our personal injury cases. We visit accident sites to reconstruct the accidents and build your case. While we strive to settle when appropriate so that you can move on with your life, we prepare each case as if it will go to trial. That proactive preparation greatly benefits our clients and shows the other side that we are serious.

You do not have to face a complicated legal process on your own. Protect your rights by hiring attorneys who will provide vigorous and focused advocacy for your personal injury or wrongful death claim. Contact us at 206-812-2997 or toll free at 888-534-5255.

Bellevue Wrongful Death Attorneys

When a third party causes an accident, a personal injury claim for damages can be brought against that third party. At The Walthew Law Firm, our experienced attorneys represent clients against third parties who have caused injuries or death from:

Construction site accidents — A construction site can be a very dangerous place to work. Even if a construction worker is aware of hazardous conditions and is careful to avoid injury, he or she may be seriously hurt if a general contractor or subcontractor ignores or does not sufficiently enforce safety standards.

Defective products — Manufacturers have a responsibility to make safe products that operate properly. If a manufacturer fails to do so, however, and a product is defective, a consumer can suffer a serious injury or even death.

Slip-and-fall accidents — A commercial property owner can be held responsible for negligence if substandard care or maintenance of his or her property results in slippery surfaces, faulty railings and uneven sidewalks that result in a serious personal injury to a customer or other visitor.

Car and truck accidents — Dangerous drivers who ignore rules of the road or drive in an aggressive manner must be held responsible when their careless actions cause serious injury or the loss of a loved one.

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