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Happy Birthday – 100 Years – Charlie Warner

On August 18th, 2018, Charlie Warner, one of the earliest partners of The Walthew Law Firm, will turn 100 years old. Charlie has lived a long and accomplished life: he fought to protect our freedoms in World War II and he spent decades fighting for the rights of injured workers in Seattle and throughout the state of Washington.

Without the many years of hard work that he put into serving his clients and building this legal practice, our law firm would not be nearly as strong as it is today. We remain dedicated to providing the highest level of legal services to injured and disabled people in Washington and we are proud to honor and celebrate Charlie Warner.

Mr. Warner entered the United States Army in June of 1941. A recent graduate of the University of Washington, Charlie was beginning his service as an infantry company officer at the same time that Adolf Hitler was declaring war on the Soviet Union and the entire world was being plunged into one of the darkest periods in its entire history.

On November 8th, 1942 Charlie was among the Allied troops who landed in North Africa as part of Operation Torch. Joint Anglo-American forces from the United States and the United Kingdom pushed General Erwin Rommel’s army out of Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria. By the Spring of 1943, the German army was forced to surrender in North Africa. This was a crucial military victory. It allowed Allied forces to enter and liberate Southern Europe. Charlie Warner was also among the first troops to land in Sicily in June of 1943. He fought there until the combat operations ended in Italy in mid-August 1943.

The war may have been winding down for some, but it was just starting for Charlie. On June 6th, 1944, Charlie was among the American forces landing on Omaha Beach as part of the historic D-Day invasion of Normandy, France. One of the largest amphibious military assaults in global history, D-Day was a bold and successful operation.

While it no doubt required extensive planning from some of America’s top military minds like General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the men on the ground like Charlie Warner were the ones who made D-Day a success. With his battalion, he fought to liberate France, chasing the German military out of the country. He faced heavy counterattacks along the way. In one especially difficult battle along the Mons-Charleroi highway, hand-to-hand combat was required. Eventually, Charlie reached the German border before ending his active duty career in a hospital in Liege, Belgium.

After returning from the war, Charlie received a law degree from the University of Washington. In 1947, he joined The Walthew Law Firm. At that time, the law firm was known as Stephenson & Gershon. The name changed several months later, after John Walthew joined the team. By the early 1950s the name was changed again to Walthew, Gershon & Warner. This was to recognize Charlie’s outstanding contribution to serving his clients and making the firm a true success.

In his illustrious legal career, Mr. Warner has had a front-row seat to some of the most important legal developments in our state’s history. This includes substantial changes to state and federal workplace regulations, including the 1973 passage of the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA). This law allowed the Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) to assert far greater power to investigate companies for alleged workplace safety violations and enforce state and federal workplace safety regulations.

Charlie dedicated his legal career to fighting for the rights and interests of workers. He worked tirelessly to ensure Washington workers have fair and safe conditions on the job and to ensure that injured workers get justice, proper medical care, and fair financial support for their families.

Over the years, Charlie was joined by Tom Keefe, Gene Arron, John Costello, and Robert Thompson. They formed a tight-knit group of attorneys who practiced together until the mid-1980s. As the founding partners retired, a new generation of attorneys joined the team to carry on the legacy of this law firm. This includes Chris Eagan (retired), Tom Thompson, Kathleen Kindred, Mike Costello, Jonathan Winemiller and, most recently, Patrick Cook.

We are happy to report that Charlie still leads an active life. As he approaches his 100th birthday, Charlie still drives, hits the golf course on weekends, loves spending time with his dog, Nicky, and even enjoys the occasional beer. Our entire team is proud to salute the last of our founding partners, Charlie Warner.

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