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Know and protect your rights

No matter what it takes, don’t let an unfavorable legal order from the Department of Labor & Industries or Self-Insured Employer become final and binding.

We have heard from too many injured workers who let their claim close before they talk to an attorney to discuss their rights. If you receive a legal order, you have 60 days from the date you receive the order to protest in writing.  Missing the protest deadline can make an order final and binding, even if it is incorrect. 

No matter how nice your claim manager might be, this rule applies. A phone call to the Department of Labor & Industries or a self-insured claims rep is not enough to protect you. No excuse is going to be enough to make you the exception to the rule (just ask Woodrow). It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had time to take a shower, if your legs are too short, if your mailbox is hard to reach, or if the snow is too deep. You must put your protest in writing.

Don’t let the Department issue an order saying that they are “not responsible” for a condition or that they are closing your claim. Know and protect your rights.

Whether you contact an attorney at The Walthew Law Firm or another workers’ compensation firm, talk to an attorney so that you know your legal rights.

Woodrow is an office dog at The Walthew Law Firm and has more than 5 years’ experience mailing timely protests. He embarks on any journey and overcomes his shortcomings to get the job done.

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