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Tell legislators to protect their promise to our workers. Send A Message!

We ask again that you contact your state legislators and the Governor’s office and tell them not to make changes to our workers’ compensation system.
As members of the Washington State Association for Justice, we strongly support their efforts in getting information to the people of Washington State

Protect your rights.
Tell legislators to protect their promise to our workers.

Please email your legislators today and ask them to protect this promise to our workers.

It all started when the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus passed out a package of bills that launched unprecedented attacks on our workers’ compensation system. “Reforms” that would explode the use of lump sum payments to young workers; cut benefits to all workers; and allow employers to blacklist injured workers.

This is wrong.

That’s why we need your help today. Email your legislators and tell them that at no cost should they put our workers comp system at risk over negotiations during the 11th hour.

We just learned that the Republican-controlled Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor has scheduled a hearing this Wednesday to talk about how great structured settlements have been for injured workers! This allows workers who are 55 years of age or older to negotiate a lump-sum settlement and sign away any future rights for a claim, decisions that will have a tremendous impact for the rest of their lives. The Senate now wants to expand these lump sum settlements and allow them to be imposed on all workers of any age, thus exposing younger workers to being leveraged into signing away virtually all their future rights, at the time of their greatest financial duress.

We can’t let the Senate further erode our workers’ compensation system. Email your legislator today and tell them no more cuts!

Most importantly, these proposed changes to our workers’ comp system do not take into account that less than 18 months ago, the Legislature made the largest series of reforms in history. These were changes that stabilized the fund with a projected savings of more than $2 billion and employers have not seen premiums increase for two straight years. Virtually all of these savings were paid for on the backs of our injured workers.

We will continue to fight any efforts that put our workers’ comp system at risk, but we need your help. That’s why we are asking you to stand up to these attacks by emailing your legislators today.

Thanks for everything that you do,

Larry Shannon
Washington State Association for Justice

P.S. We only have a few days left until the end of this Legislative session. We cannot allow any cuts to workers’ comp to become the law of the land. Join the fight now.

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